The Sentimental Journey~Class Reunions


Planning a reunion can be a daunting task.  To those who have taken on the challenge of coordinating events, organizing guest lists and planning down to the last detail...we salute you.  Those who come to partake and enjoy, please remember to thank your reunion coordinators.  These folks have spent many months making reservations, tracking down lost classmates and making sure you will have a good time.  

This summer is no exception.  The Foundation currently has six reunions listed on our alumni page.  They include '58,'63, '68, ' 78, '88, '98.  What a variety of fun activities, from golf scrambles, and evening concert events, to nice low key bbq's and picnics, reunion participants are sure to have a ball.  Please look here for up to date information, links and forms.  If you feel something is missing, please let me know.

Lots of time and effort has went into the planning of your reunion, if you are just now starting to plan for next year, I have added some helpful websites to aid you.  Also check out websites like to easily promote your event.   

The North Platte Public Schools Foundation is happy to help you update your guest list.  We also would appreciate your updated guest list after your event (if you get new addresses), to ensure that your next event can be planned with ease.  

Happy Reunion Season and enjoy reconnecting with old friends. 

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Your High School Reunion

( April 29, 2015 by Amanda Knisely,

Has it already been 10 years (or 20, or more)? Sheesh, you’re not in your dream job, you’re single, and your favorite past time is binge-watching reruns of Friends…on DVD. What will your former classmates think?

Calm down. Whatever the reasons may be for why you’d consider skipping your high school reunion, put them out of your mind. You graduated, didn’t you? Here are 5 reasons why you should attend your next class reunion.

  1. Pleasant surprises.

    You can rest assured that many of your former peers worry as much as you do about how the dude who was really good in shop class will throw down his next-generation of insults at the reunion. If you choose to stay home with your DVDs, you’ll never find out that Shop Dude now builds affordable homes for impoverished families. And he would gladly accept your Facebook friend request, and Like your cat videos. Turns out, the mean girl that never let you sit at her lunch table had a change of heart and runs a soup kitchen.

    Keep yourself open to the unexpected. Some of your former classmates might inspire you to make positive changes in your own life, like switching to Netflix or donating your time to a worthy cause.

  2. You might gain a new contact.

    Class reunions double as terrific networking events. After you stumble to remember the name of the girl you’re talking to, you can resume eye contact and realize you can help her through your business. Or if you’re lucky, your reunion is giving away
    fun sunglasses so they never realize you have no look of recognition on your face. If the rapport is strong, she might be willing to return the favor for an old friend, and overlook that you used to make fun of her braces.

    Not to be confused with friends who became sales agents and are trying to sell insurance policies to you, your sister, your parents, and all of your neighbors.

  3. Cupid might attend.

    Wouldn’t it feel great to find out the senior class president always secretly pined for you? Or maybe your crush was the 2nd-string point guard of the basketball team or the district chess champion. It’s not uncommon for sparks to fly at class reunions when long-lost classmates meet eyes for the first time since graduation, and realize it’s really nice to see each other.
    Really nice.

  4. Perspective.

    Everything in high school seemed so important, every decision life altering. How much of it do you really remember? Coming face to face with the guy who ruined your life in 10th grade, you may realize he didn’t even know that he hurt you. Just like you may have sent a note that you don’t remember saying he smelled funny and starting the whole thing. Think about how nice it would be to meet everyone you went to school with when your hormones aren’t raging and your judgement is fully formed, you might have a lot more in common.

  5. Seeing how everyone’s dance moves have aged.

    Let you hair down, if you still have any. This is your chance to turn back the clock and party with your friends as if no time has passed and you are all 18 forever. Except you aren’t, and neither are they and none of your dance moves have changed in the last few decades. And now you have an iphone to catch it all on video forever. Roger Rabbit or Cabbage Patch anyone?

What do you say? Look at it this way, if nothing else, you’ll come home with a personalized t-shirt, classic songs in your head, and maybe a long-term care insurance plan. Go say hi to your old friends. You’ll be glad you did, and so will they.


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