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Our Community Partners

Click here to meet our current partners. 

We are focused on building a sustainable community partnership model, one with real world connections to impact student achievement.

The NPPS Foundation is linking together businesses and community with education to provide opportunities and experiences beyond the regular curriculum. We believe the students at North Platte Public Schools deserve an opportunity to become part of a strong, productive and sustainable future for our area.

Working with Superintendent Dr. Todd Rhodes along with district and school administration, we help set funding priorities and manage donations, directing these philanthropic contributions toward the need of North Platte Public Schools District to improve educational opportunities and academic achievement.  Our work to sustain District priorities is crucial for students and an educated workforce. Smart investments in public schools offer the opportunity to introduce cutting-edge educational models that build on the District’s current programs and advance learning outcomes to ensure the success for all students.  We want you to be informed and empowered partners with us so we are able to work together building and sustaining initiatives that help the students at North Platte Public Schools thrive and succeed.