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REACH Grants

NPPSF REACH Grants for Educators

The REACH Grants program funds projects which pioneer innovative approaches to teaching that cannot currently be funded through NPPS District's budget. The goal is to give educators financial support to inspire students and change lives.

Since its inception in 1994, the North Platte Public Schools Foundation has worked toward a common vision – ensuring quality education for our children. The best way to accomplish this goal is by supporting the educators who turn this vision into reality. More than $200,000 has been given to North Platte educators through the REACH grant program since 1998. It's a great way to invest in education.

REACH Grant Application Process

All current educators in North Platte Public School District are eligible to apply for REACH grants. The REACH grant application — submitted online — Starting November 1, 2022 thanks to Fat Dog's and Wilkinson Companies the Foundation will be providing a REACH grant each week through May 1, 2022.  Applications are ongoing. Applications submitted after April 1st should be implemented the next school year. 

Applications are reviewed by an independent grant committee, including the NPPSD curriculum advisors and a member of the NPPSD IT team. The grant committee utilizes the REACH Grant Policy Guidelines to assist in determining the winners.

Those educators receiving REACH Grant funding will need to write a summary of how the funds were used. 

REACH Grant Applications

Purpose of the REACH grants; the grant program is designed to encourage innovative, creative, and quality education in the North Platte Public School District.  The Foundation's mission is "to support the schools, districts efforts to provide expanded opportunities for all students."  All funds for this program are from generous donors who believe that investing in education will change our future. 

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