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Employee Award Nomination Form

Your Nomination Makes a Difference!

Thank you for taking the time to nominate a NPPS Employee!

Must have a statement of recommendation or attach at least one letter explaining why this Teacher/Employee Member/Administrator deserves to be named one of the following: "Teacher of the Year Prek-5th, Teacher of the Year 6th-12th, Classified Employee of the Year,  Administrator of the Year and Rookie of Year"

The list of teachers and employees have been first nominated within their building throughout the year(August-April).  Then from the building level they were elevated to the district level where the district and foundation reviewed recommendations.  There are many deserving teachers and employees that dedicate their lives to ensuring students are reaching their fullest potential. This is never an easy process for any of us involved. Those employees that are recognized in May of 2024 will be eligible next school year (2024-2025) for these awards. 

What we look for: 

  • Dedication to the teaching profession or their specific duties at NPPS
  • Innovation in curriculum and/or style of teaching
  • Relationship to students, parents & colleagues
  • Contributions to the educational community, to subject area, to student accomplishments
  • Recognition by peers & other awards received
  • Other information or personal characteristics you believe is important 

Rookie (New) teacher of the year is someone who has been with the district two years or less.  This teacher has gone above and beyond as a new teacher. They have navigated a new school with a positive attitude. 

Classified employees are those who are supporting the administrators, teachers and students in all buildings across the District. 

If you are nominating multiple for Teacher PreK-5th, Teacher 6th-12th and Classified, you will need to enter them separately. 

Before you start please have a statement of recommendation and/or a letter to upload or send it to  The subject line of the email should include the nominated persons last name. 

Thank you 


Nomination Form 2023-2024
Choose for PreK-5th Teacher
Teachers/employees were selected for a monthly award at their building. They are now being considered for Teacher/Employee of the Year.
Choose for 6th-12th (alpha by first name)
Teachers/employees were selected for a monthly award at their building. They are now being considered for Teacher/Employee of the Year.
Choose Classified Employee
Employees who support the teachers and administrators are listed in this category.
Nominate a teachers that has been with the district one or two years and plan to stay next year. (alpha by last name)
Teachers that are teaching their first year anywhere are indicated with a * (asterisk)
Administrators/Principals/Deans/Counselors are in alpha order by last name
List of those that will be returning for the 2024-2025 season
Tell us why this person deserves this award or attach a letter below. If nominating multiple people please make a statement for each person.
No file selected

Awardees will receive a plaque.  Teachers and classified employees will receive $250 in cash.  Administrators, Dean or Counselor will receive $1000 to their building budget for next school year. They will be recognized at Evening of Excellence on July 26, 2024 and at their first day back to school on August 9, 2024. They will also be on the committee to choose the 2024-25 awardees.