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Clay Stone Awarded 2020 North Platte Public Schools Foundation Scholarship

Clay Stone has been awarded the $500 North Platte Public Schools Foundations for 2020. Clay is the son of John and Jessica Stone.

Clay wrote: Thank you very much for selecting me as a recipient for this scholarship! This really is a gift from God and I’m very grateful. Next year I will be heading to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to pursue a degree in elementary education. I have been serving with students at my church and at camps since my sixth grade year, and that’s what I am gifted at and passionate about. Since I have enough college credits to fill a whole school year, I will only be attending Lincoln for three years. I get the opportunity to stay with my brother at his house in Lincoln and that will save me some money. My goal at the end of my three years at UNL is to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree and no debt. This scholarship certainly puts me closer to achieving that goal, and like I said before, I am very thankful for it. After college I plan to earn my teaching credential and teach while I pursue a Master’s degree in either school administration or divinity. The end goal would be to become an administrator or a youth pastor. I am excited to see where God leads me, and am looking forward to making an impact with students.